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Wheelchair-bound staff assaulted and robbed at NMU, authorities appeal for leads

By Afikile Lugunya - Nov 4, 2017
Wheelchair-bound staff assaulted and robbed at NMU, authorities appeal for leads

The Nelson Mandela University's (NMU) head of security, Derick Huebsch, has urged students and staff to help identify persons suspected to be involved in an attack of two wheelchair-bound staff at the university's North Campus during the week.

According to Huebsch, the two were assaulted before being robbed of their cell phones and wallets.

“During the week, two of Nelson Mandela University’s staff members - both wheelchair bound, were set upon and attacked on entering their house across the road from North Campus. They were assaulted and robbed off their cell phones and wallets,” he described.

Huebsh advised students and staff to be aware of their surroundings.

“These types of attacks are common during this time of the year and even the infiltration of office spaces could lead to attempts at theft or robbery.

“Don’t leave offices open and unlocked when going out. Ensure that all valuables are locked away and report suspicious persons or activiy within your workspace to security immediately,” he added.

Huebsch further said that another area of concern is at ATM facilities.

“If there are people standing around or blocking access to the facility, rather walk away and go elsewhere. The ATM facilities at Summerstrand Village complex, Humerail SPAR and the filling station across the way from shark rock Pier are frequently targeted,” he described.

He also advised staff and students to run away from uncomfortable or suspicious situations to avoid being victims.

“Should anyone attempt to interfere with your transaction, offer unsolicited assistance or you struggle getting your card to enter the slot. Immediately cancel the transaction, cover the card slot and remove your card and walk away,” Huebsch said.

NMU Protection service Hot-Line: 041-5042009