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‘When the police fail to do their jobs, we do it for them’ - Motherwell mob

By Afikile Lugunya - Jan 31, 2018
‘When the police fail to do their jobs, we do it for them’ - Motherwell mob

After a 38-year-old woman from Motherwell, Port Elizabeth, alleged that she had been robbed at gun point on Sunday by three men, a mob of around 150 residents later tracked down two of the alleged robbers and were in the process of assaulting them when police arrived and took them into custody.

The police also managed to pick up a third suspect at the Koedoeskloof Refuse Processing plant.

According to police spokesperson, Captain Andre Beetge, this suspect was found in possession of the cell phone and cap, which were allegedly robbed from the complainant on Sunday.

“Police also searched the house of the second suspect and confiscated the toygun (imitation firearm), which was allegedly used in the robbery. Also confiscated were other suspected stolen property such as two ladies handbags, two wristwatches, a torch, three gents wallets and two bank cards.

“All three suspects, aged 22, 22 and 29 years old, were arrested for armed robbery and possession of suspected stolen property,” Captain Beetge described.

Speaking to RNEWS, a community leader, Vulikhaya Phasiya, said that they had decided to deal with the alleged robbers themselves as one of the guys, who was saved by the police from the mob lives at NU29 and is not a first time offender.

“About a month ago, he forcefully entered into someone’s house in the area and took a Plasma TV; that case was reported to the police, but he was roaming the streets like nothing happened a few days later," he said.

“The police fail to their jobs when we report cases like these and when we do the job for them they stop us instead of praising us for managing to do what they clearly can’t do."

Phasiya said residents often resort to mob justice because they no longer feel safe in their communities.

“These guys mess up our community, many incidents have occurred in NU29 and we don’t feel safe in our own streets while the police are busy with God knows what. When we deal with these trouble-makers the police intervene by protecting them while they don’t protect us from them.”

Captain Beetge said that the three suspects will be appearing before the Motherwell Magistrate's Court on Thursday.

Police are also investigating the suspects for their possible involvement with other robberies in the area.

The Councillor for the Ward, Morgan Tshaka, could not immediately comment on the incident as he said he was in a meeting.