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White youths will only join army if affirmative action is called off - FF+

By Charl Bosch - May 12, 2016
White youths will only join army if affirmative action is called off - FF+

The Freedom Front Plus (FF+) has maintained that only government’s halting of affirmative action would lead to white South Africans joining the National Defence Force.

Speaking during the Department of Defence and Military Veterans’ budget speech in Parliament on Wednesday, Minister Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula stated while progress is being made to lure young white people back to the army, more could still be done.

She stated that 103 white recruits are undergoing testing at present, with the figure showing a two percent increase from last year.

In a statement, FF+ Pieter Groenewald said the implementation of affirmative action has effectively reduced the chances of any whites wanting to join the military to nothing, adding that a call for the Department to increase its budget had continuously been ignored since 2004.

He also lashed out at an apparent lack of discipline in the army, saying two soldiers were attacked with knifes at a military basis in Bloemfontein last year, while they were allegedly sleeping on guard duty.

According to Groenewald, the robbers made off equipment costing just under R20 000, which included a radio, two R4’s, sixty rounds of live ammunition, two magazines, two weapon belts and two lanyards.

“At present, it remains unknown as to what exactly happened with the two guards. They, an indeed the army, are contributing to crime in South Africa,” he said.

“These weapons can be used in everyday crimes and during farm attacks. If proved to be so, the military would be acting as an accomplice [in crime situations]. Discipline will only improve if trespassers are followed. The guards in questions should be expelled from the army”.

Responding to a question submitted to Mapisa-Nqakula about allegations that retiring staff members were steeling planes to the detriment of trainee pilots, Groenewald said the subsequent reply, which reads “In this context, stolen refers to premature phasing-out of systems type aircraft by donating to the museums or selling thus limiting the SAAF to build capacity”, could be considered laughable as “the Minister knows this is not true”.

“How on earth does someone steel a plane and no action is taken against him? It does not make sense of half of the planes were bought before 1994 for basic pilot training,” he said.