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Why run your business from a garage when Shanduka is offering office space

By Afikile Lugunya - Feb 23, 2018
Why run your business from a garage when Shanduka is offering office space

The Coega Development Corporation on Thursday held its Suppliers day event at the Coega Vulindlela Accommodation and Conference Centre, in Port Elizabeth, where local Small, Medium and Micro-sized Enterprises (SMMEs) owners were equipped with information to help them grow their businesses.

Basically, the event was held to facilitate access to information for SMMEs on Public and Private Procurement opportunities, as well as Enterprise Development Programmes.

For clarity on what SMMEs are, the programme director, Bekani Madyibi, addressed delegates and informed them that the main role of SMMEs is to provide job opportunities.

He said, unfortunately. SMMEs are not always recognised or respected because they are still small and slowly growing companies.

One of the speakers for the day, Shanazz Hamond, from Shanduka, introduced their SMME programme, which focuses on growing businesses by offering training facilitation, offering office space, administration, receptions, business admin and office.

The programme addresses issues that businesses are likely to have in their first three years, such as a lack of sustainability.

She encouraged entrepreneurs not to give up.

“Many people have issues with business plans and they don’t always have the funding and the financial background to go and get a business plan,” Hamond said.

She added that within the first three months in the programme, entrepreneurs get a training facilitator, who guides them in how to develop a business plan.

The training provided also helps in the future, if one wants to make adjustments in their business plan instead of asking someone to do it on their behalf for a price. The facilitator helps the SMMEs with financial projections as well as with the templates they need.

She also added that there are SARS workshops to assist businesses with tax issues, B-BBEE and some business coaching within the first 3-months.

How are you able to join? The entrepreneurs must;

-          Must be 100% black-owned,

-          Must have all your valid CIPD documents,

-          Clear credit record, and have

-          No criminal record.

According to Hamond, within the stages of the training, there are fees charged and they don’t want anyone to be more indebted, which explains the reason why individuals/businesses have to have a clear credit record.

Also as part of their commitment, they also offer office space with the internet, telephone, copy machine, storage facilities, receptionist, driver, business coaching and access to the boardroom to conduct your meetings etc.

What they offer is a professional office space to work from and a business address.

For more information, visit the FC Sturrock Building (Transnet building) at 1 Flemming Street, in the Port Elizabeth CBD, and ask for Shanazz Hamond, who will be glad to provide all the information you need to know.