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Why You Should Invest in Quality Imagery for Your Website

By Caroline Levey - Aug 3, 2017
Why You Should Invest in Quality Imagery for Your Website

When designing or redesigning your website it is important to never undervalue the importance of using good, professional imagery. Photography has a huge impact on your customers when trying to convince them to either purchase your products or to make use of your services.

The power of an image should never be underestimated, and if you’re not including exceptional images of your brand, then you could be losing out on many lucrative sales.

Here a few tips to consider when planning your photography for your website:

Custom vs stock photography

When choosing to use certain images for your website you need to consider the powerful impact imagery has on branding your product or service offered.

Many businesses make the mistake of using generic stock photography which doesn’t capture your brand in a unique way, therefore, it can be very difficult to differentiate yourself from competitors. 

Custom photography is an investment and a reflection on how strongly you believe in your company. Custom photography helps with brand consistency, versatility, transparency and leaves a lasting first impression on your unique brand story.

Importance of photography on e-commerce

Product photography is very important and can be the reason for making or losing potential sales. When customers make use of your website for online shopping they will be drawn to the products by the images and not text, which means you need to ensure your images are great!

Use a professional photographer

Professional photography is one of the best ways to establish a brand in the marketplace – both online and offline. Many business owners skip this step of hiring a professional photographer due to saving costs, which is understandable. However, it’s important to emphasise that getting help from a professional photographer is an essential branding investment.

By investing in a professional photographer, you will reap the benefits of quality images which are authentic and a visual representation of your brand.

How can Online Innovations assist you?

Let us at Online Innovations help you take your brand to the highest level by developing and designing a website which attracts the right market and delivers a powerful message. We will also help assist you in getting into contact with a professional photographer to make sure your website makes use of quality images which deliver a powerful message to customers. Contact Bronwen today on 041 365 4919 or visit our website at www.onlineinnovations.com