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Why your kids need Superheroes

By Jesica Slabbert - Aug 4, 2016
Why your kids need Superheroes

Today, we see Superheroes everywhere we turn, in movies, books, TV series, cartoons, you name it. So, with heroes showing up around every corner, it’s no wonder kids want to dress up as heroes whenever they get the chance.

Seeing your kids dressed as Spiderman or Wonder woman is definitely adorable, but how much do these spandex-clad heroes really mean to your kids and their lives? Is there a deeper meaning to the roles of Superheroes in your child’s future?

While parents should be good life role models for their kids, superheroes provide a different kind of role that children should aspire for.

When you watch a cartoon of Superman or Wonder woman, the Heroes are constantly presented with moral dilemmas when fighting villains, and their choices are always on the morally good side of things. This shows children how choosing to do what is right may not always be the easiest thing, but it is still better than choosing to do wrong.

So, in a sense it gives them an idea of moral integrity, seeing people make hard life choices for the greater good may inspire them to do the same.

Professor Jeff Greenberg, an expert in social psychology at the University of Arizona says; "Kids are pretty powerless and vulnerable, so pretending they're superheroes is one way for them to gain a sense of confidence and competence in a positive way."

This love of superheroes will slowly fade out or simply shrink to a level that’s easy to deal with as your child grows older, so for now let them live out their super powered fantasies; it makes for a creative and accomplished feeling kid.