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WILNA WILKINSON: Posthumously given an award of excellence to SANCCOB

WILNA WILKINSON: Posthumously given an award of excellence to SANCCOB

In honour of the late Wilna Wilkinson, the Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds (SANCCOB) team recently hosted a public beach release of rehabilitated Cape gannets. She has also been posthumously given an award of excellence to SANCCOB and to seabird conservation.

Wilkinson was SANCCOB’s Eastern Cape Rehabilitation Manager before tragically passed away in a car accident on Tuesday, 29 July 2014.

"She was a beloved member of the SANCCOB team, a brilliant advocate for penguins and the ocean, and a special friend to many people she met during her travels," said Louanne Mostert, Public Relations and Fundraising Coordinator at SANCCOB Eastern Cape in a statement.

"Wilna was appointed as Rehabilitation Manager of SANCCOB’s branch in Cape St. Francis in May 2013 after the facility (previously known a Penguins Eastern Cape) was amalgamated under SANCCOB’s management. She played an instrumental role in setting up and running the new facility in Cape St. Francis and working together with the various colony managers and conservation partners in the region.

"In addition, her involvement was pivotal during the Kiani Satuoil spill in August 2013 when the centre admitted 277 oiled seabirds including African penguins, Cape gannets and Cape Cormorants. Under Wilna’s management, the team successfully released 95% of the seabirds back into the wild."

Photo Caption: The late Wilna Wilkinson.