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Wind farms to enhance development in EC communities

Wind farms to enhance development in EC communities

The construction of five wind farms, started in 2008, is nearing completion and is set to bring massive developments for residents in the Nxuba and Blue Crane local municipalities.

This means that those respective local municipalities will be the breeding grounds for accumulating clean energy for the surrounding settlements. The windfarms are being constructed in the areas between Bedford and Cookhouse in the Eastern Cape.

One of the wind farms under construction, Amakhala Emoyeni, is expected to host 56 turbines which will produce 134.4MW of power for the national security grid.

Over a period of 20 years, the R3.5 million farm is expected to inject more than R140 million towards developmental procedures in the surrounding areas.

The project has already created dozens of jobs for semi-skilled residents in the surrounding rural areas who are assisting in the construction processes.

Cennergi CEO, Thomas Garner, told SABC that the project has, to this point, already created a profitable surplus in the area.

“I think the biggest thing it will bring is hope and real jobs have been created during the construction phase with lots of opportunities flowing into local business,” Garner said.

The farms will provide the under-developed communities of Bedford and Cookhouse with some much needed electricity once the project is completed. A trust fund is also being developed by community members to administer the funds being injected into local development by the respective wind farms.