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WISE CHOICE: Sage Coffee Shop, where taste and freshness comes together

WISE CHOICE: Sage Coffee Shop, where taste and freshness comes together

During my years at culinary school, I learnt that fine foods only have delightful flavours when fused with fresh herbs and the right spices. A recent visit to Sage Coffee Shop, situated at Pickering Park, Pickering Street in Newton Park, Port Elizabeth, left me in no doubt that the correct fusion of food and service had made it the perfect place to grab a bite and catch up with friends.

Upon arrival, my colleague and I were sincerely received by Sage’s bubbly owner, Lindy, who also promptly ushered us to our table. Comfortably seated, we were provided with their menus. We ordered two coffees, which arrived at our table in a matter of seconds.

Although our drinks decision had proved to be easy, choosing our meals was tough. The Sage menu is so packed with mouth-watering meals and dishes - we honestly wanted to sample everything. Eventually, we decided on spring rolls and calamari strips.

A few minutes after placing our order, our meals arrived. I must confess that, despite all my culinary experience, my meal exceeded my expectations. Not only was the calamari fried to perfection and soft, but it was also complimented by a side dish of fresh salad and a divine dipping sauce.

Likewise, the spring rolls were packed with flavour, and unlike contemporary rolls, had more filling than dough!

Our meals finished, we sat down and chatted to Lindy. She told us that in her opinion, the fresh ingredients that they use are the key to the success of her business. Lindy also said that apart from the offers indicated on their menu, Sage also had week-day specials such as paprika chicken on rice to fresh harbour-bought fish all at very good prices.

Sage is centrally located in Newton Park, next to Elizabeth Place, which makes it ideal for a quick lunch-break, even for the business executive looking to have a scrumptious meal in a casual setting.

The coffee shop can accommodate up to 50 guests and can also be booked for events like birthdays and stork parties. Lindy said they also cater for office parties and functions. To try out Sage Coffee Shop, visit Sage in Pickering Street, behind Fruit and Veg in Newton Park, Port Elizabeth, or contact them on 041 363 8438.