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Woman who claimed her infant was abducted by men in black BMW released on R1 000 bail

Woman who claimed her infant was abducted by men in black BMW released on R1 000 bail

The case against a 49-year-old Port Elizabeth woman, who was arrested after allegedly falsely claiming that 'her baby' had been abducted by men in a black BMW in Motherwell will now be heard at the end of this month to allow for further investigations. Meanwhile, she was released on a R1000 bail when she appeared in the Motherwell Magistrate's Court on Thursday.

The woman, who cannot be named as she has not pleaded yet, was arrested on Wednesday for alleged perjury after claiming that her baby was abducted by three men in a black BMW in NU7 on Monday.

According to a police spokesperson Captain Andre Beetge, a breakthrough was made after an intensive police investigation on Wednesday.

“After three days of intensive investigation by the specialist investigating officers of the Motherwell SAPS Family Violence, Child Protection, and Sexual Offences Unit (FCS Unit), a breakthrough was made after discovering that the case that was reported was in fact false.

“The real biological mother (22 years old), of the 3-month-old baby was identified and questioned. It was discovered that there existed a foster parent arrangement between the two ladies without following the legal prescribed routes. This arrangement went sour and the false case was opened by the 49-year-old lady,” Captain Beetge said.

During her court appearance, the State argued for a R2 000 bail telling the court that perjury was a serious crime and that she also wasted state resources as the police had to leave everything for a child she allegedly claimed was hers to be located.

The defence argued that the accused shouldn’t suffer more therefore the bail should be reduced to at least R1000 instead of R2000 that was proposed.

The woman was granted R1 000 bail, and the court was postponed to the 29th of June for further investigations.

However, the community were not happy at all saying the bail was too lenient.

Ziyanda Sithole, who spoke to RNEWS she didn’t deserve bail.

“Do they really understand how small the amount of R1 000 is, she can even pay it tomorrow.” Sithole described.

“We also have children, and we are terrified for them because they might also be in danger of being abducted by her. What we are saying as the community is that we don’t want her here.

“She must be taken away from people because she steals babies and if the law fails to do its job the community will take further actions towards her.” 

Sithole is also a mother of a three-month-old baby.

“The day I heard about this woman, I almost fainted because I was thinking about how I’d feel it was my baby that got stolen, she must go we don’t want her here,” she told RNEWS.

Mzukisi Maklein (54), who is an ex-husband of the accused, described to RNEWS how he took the news after finding out that his ex-wife had apparently stolen a baby.

“This became a shock to me, when I heard this on Monday from the people I work with and showed me pictures as evidence that the accused has been arrested,” he said.

He said that what irritates him the most is that the accused is still using his surname and dragging it in the mud.

“I’m not happy with the amount of bail she received and the fact that she is using my surname makes me angrier,” Maklein said.