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Woolworths denies lying about 'ethically' produced milk

Woolworths denies lying about 'ethically' produced milk

Woolworths has denied that it falsely advertises its dairy products after the retailing giant was accused of misleading consumers about its production values by a local consumer rights group.

The group, Grass, claimed in a post on its blog that Woolworths misled consumers about 'ethical' standards on its Woolworths Ayrshire and Organic dairy products.

Grass said they wrote a letter to Woolworths about the misleading labels and marketing.

“We have come to realise through our research and meetings…that your dairy products are marketed and labelled as being of a higher ethical and health standard than is the reality on your dairy farms. This is grossly unfair to consumers,” the letter read.

Woolworths has however denied misleading consumers and said its dairy practises were above board. Its website says it has strict standards for the production of milk that are independently audited.

"Our food labelling is developed by qualified subject experts and we meet the food industry labelling requirements," Woolworths said told eNCA.

"We have engaged extensively with the Grass Consumer Group to try and explain our position.

Recently, Woolworths also had to defend itself after protests by Cosatu and the Palestine Solidarity Campaign at various Woolworths stores in the Cape Peninsula urging the retailer not to source products from Israel .

Woolworths said less than 0.1% of its food is sourced from Israel and adding that it was saddened by the tragic events in Gaza.

It also said it had no political affiliations and respects the rights of customers to make choices by labelling every product's country of origin.