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Workers mistaken for robbers at Baywest Mall

JULY 10, 2015
Workers mistaken for robbers at Baywest Mall

Port Elizabeth police on Friday said that a robbery-in-progress call that emanated from the Baywest Mall in the morning had turned out to be a false alarm. Reports suggested that the 'suspects' had accessed the shopping mall through the roof .

A police helicopter and sniffer dogs had also been dispatched to the 'crime scene'.

However, it emerged that it was only workers in the roof of the mall, who had triggered an alarm.

On May 29, just over a week after the Mall opened, five robbers wearing balaclavas, one of them armed, accessed the offices of Interpark, the company which manages the mall’s parking.

The office is located on the extremities of the mall, near the delivery entrance.

Four office staff were tied up and instructed to open the drop-safe. As the keys for the drop-safe are not kept on the premises, the staff were ordered to contact the head of the security team to bring them the key.

The robbers made off with an undisclosed amount.

Although the staff were treated for shock following the incident, there were no serious injuries.

Police later identified what they believed was the getaway vehicle in New Brighton that same day.

Baywest Mall management, however, applauded the police for their quick reaction on Friday.

Image: www.frostint.com