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WORTH EVERY CENT: Genergy’s Integrated Heat Pump cuts monthly electricity bill by R1 000

WORTH EVERY CENT: Genergy’s Integrated Heat Pump cuts monthly electricity bill by R1 000

Without someone actually pointing it out, most people would certainly not notice the Quantum heat pump that was recently installed at our offices by Genergy, the Port Elizabeth company that has become synonymous with efficient domestic and corporate green-energy systems. But, this 200 litre (2.4 kW) pump, like all their products and solutions, is already making an impact where it matters most – in the pocket.

“It’s our first month with the heat pump and we have already seen a dramatic cut in our electricity use which has saved us a little above R1 000 on our overall energy bill,” says Graeme Lund, Managing Director at Ricochet Publishing.

This is because while they use electricity, heat pumps transfer latent heat from the air using a heat-absorbing refrigerant which warms the water when it  is compressed. The result is that heat pumps are reportedly three to four times more energy-efficient than conventional geysers.

Genergy is the local distributor for the Australian-made Quantum Heat Pump range which features maximum temperatures of up to 70?C (most alternative products achieve only up to 60?C and are set to 55?C); a Coefficient of Production (COP) that is 15% higher than alternative products under standard conditions; significantly higher COP and Hot Water Production rates at low temperatures as well as a useful life in excess of 10 years.

In addition, the Quantum heat pumps do not have any panels, like you would have with solar water heaters, which means they cannot be damaged by hail. Since the hot water storage tank is mounted at ground level for easy maintenance, it also means there is no extra weight placed on the roof and the building. The other major benefit is that water is only heated as needed, unlike solar water heating.

The pump does not require visually-upsetting roof-panels which means the installation process is far less costly and quick. The low costs associated with running the Quantum’s compressor means that heat pumps are far more inexpensive when compared with conventional solar water heaters.

“I must add that I was very impressed by the level of service that I received from Genergy. Even when their technicians came to install the heat pump, they were on schedule and they cleaned up after they were done,” Lund said.

Genergy’s pumps are SABS Approved and by installing one, you also qualify for a rebate from Eskom.

Ultimately, your choice of  domestic or corporate green technology will depend on a number of factors and your individual preferences, but where it concerns cost saving, reducing your energy usage and the environment, Genergy’s Integrated Heat Pump will always win hands down.

These heat pumps are ideal for domestic or small commercial envireonments such as B&B’s, small hotels and offices.

To find a green solution that suits you, call them today on 0861 159 159 or email [email protected].