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Xtreme Projects adds an feather in its cap

MARCH 3, 2016
Xtreme Projects adds an feather in its cap

Port Elizabeth-based Xtreme Projects last weekend received an Environmental Award at the first round of the 2016 Monster Energy TRP Distributors SAMXN Championship, sanctioned by Motorsport South Africa (MSA), held at Rover MX Club, along Victoria Drive, Schoenmakerskop, Port Elizabeth. 

The 24 Hour Emergency Spill Response Company with a global footprint, has helped thousands of businesses to prevent pollution and comply with regulations, saving on potential fines and enabling companies to be responsible for their waste from cradle to the grave, preventing further damage to the environment. It has since extended its field of operations to include oil, hazmat and operational support on land and sea.

The award recognises how Xtreme Projects is delivering innovation that works, says Kevin Kelly, Founder and Managing Director at the company.

At the event, which attracted hundreds of spectators, who would produce tonnes of waste, Xtreme Projects provided waste separation bins and ensured that the waste does not end up polluting the environment after everyone has packed up and left. The company also recently won the Presidential Rotary Environmental Award in February.

For more information, visit: xtremeprojects.co.za