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You have to try SCIO therapy at Azarel Health & Body Specialists!

By Liande Barnard - Jun 17, 2016
You have to try SCIO therapy at Azarel Health & Body Specialists!

I rarely try something new before hearing what my trusted circle of friends or family have to say about it. However, I recently came across a new treatment for stress called SCIO, which is offered by Azarel Health and Body Specialists in PE, and decided that I will be the one with the good word on this one – not that this treatment needed further praise from me.

SCIO or the Scientific Consciousness Interface Operations System is the most advanced therapy available in energy medicine and is used as a universal electrophysiological biofeedback system that detects and reduces stress.

Following a short pre-treatment briefing and assurances from Candice, owner of Azarel Health and Body Specialists, head and limb straps were attached to me. They are used to gather over 60 million bits of information from the body to provide an accurate picture of an individual’s general health status.

For about three minutes, the SCIO recorded my body’s reactivity to around 9000 parameters of health, resonating with thousands of tissues, organs, nutrients, toxins and allergens in my body for one hundredth of a second each. It sounds quite intense doesn’t it; but in actual fact, I was just sitting comfortably in a chair staring out the window, hardly aware of the straps while the machine did everything.

Afterwards, we went through the SCIO report and did some additional tests where necessary. I was astonished at the amount of information that the SCIO had picked up including facts about my body and lifestyle that no one else could have known.

We went through some problem areas that were detected and did corrective therapy to each of the problem areas to help establish energetic balance. This included locating and unblocking the flow of energy, zapping pathogens, biofeedback, stimulating repair processes, stimulating detoxification, desensitising allergies, reducing stress, balancing emotions, balancing chakras and more.

In addition to various allergies detected, the SCIO also detected a number of nutrient deficiencies in my body. Candice suggested some lifestyle changes and remedies that will lead to better health as well as advice on how to cope with stress in my life.

The entire treatment took about two hours and I left feeling great. Not only because most of the balance was restored but also because I now know what I must do to improve my life and health.

The SCIO is also suited to children, as they are often unable to verbally communicate the cause of their discomfort.

I can highly recommend this treatment for anyone wanting to better understand their minds and bodies. Call 041 363 8282 or visit Suite 4 Medicross Building, Dischem Wellness Centre, along Cape Road in Newton Park, Port Elizabeth, or visit www.bodyspecialists.co.za.