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Your business security: Elf Rentals ensures that its business as usual for you

Your business security: Elf Rentals ensures that its business as usual for you

No doubt, the recently released crime statistics and the increase in high-profile robberies of business premises and malls has highlighted the need for better security solutions for companies, residential estates and campuses. One company, however, is revolutionising the security industry – effectively ensuring that, for their clients, it is business as usual.

Port Elizabeth-based Elf Rentals, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, has distinguished itself in the market by doing away with upfront expenses and assuming the financial risk of installing and maintaining security systems for their clients. Clients can choose from between a full-rental package and a maintenance-only package, depending on their cashflow needs.

“We will invest in our client’s security – not through a bank, but we literally put up our own money. We then turn that money into an annuity over 3-5 years and the client pays us an agreed rate on a monthly bases. Included in the deal is 24-hour back-up support to the system as well as insurance cover for issues like lightning strikes,” says Chris Lovemore, CEO and co-founder of Elf Rentals.

"Unlike a situation where you have a contract that is favourable to us and not to the client, we offer a contract that effectively says; ‘don’t pay us if our equipment does not work’. If you really believe the customer is king then you must be prepared to offer this kind of contract.”

“In 20 years, we have only had two instances where a client would not pay us and then it was only because they had gone out of business!”

Lovemore said that Elf Rentals has developed its own technologies to constantly monitor their client’s installations. Besides their excellent service, he said that Elf technicians often rectify technical issues before the client has even noticed them – and Elf bears the full cost of sending out the technicians and buying new equipment.

The company has also diversified from offering electrical fences to installing and maintaining automated access control systems such as boom gates and high-end, military-grade CCTV cameras.

“You can have guards patrolling the perimeter but they are going to be in one place at a time and things could be happening on the other side of the property,” said Lovemore.

Elf Rentals has also written its own multiple site-viewing proprietary software that allows them to monitor all their customers’ premises graphically in real-time.

As proof to the reliability of its services, Elf Rentals has over 40 long-term clients in PE alone many of whom it has retained for the past 20 years, and monitors over 130 sites nationally – mostly in Johannesburg, where the company recently acquired new premises.

For more information, call 041 368 3701 or visit www.elfrentals.co.za.


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