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Zip Zap Circus a first for SPAR Kirkwood Wildsfees

MAY 31, 2016
Zip Zap Circus a first for SPAR Kirkwood Wildsfees

Cape Town’s legendary Zip Zap Circus will be making its debut in the Eastern Cape at the annual SPAR Kirkwood Wildsfees.

Hosted in the Kirkwood High School hall, the weekend shows are included in the cost of entry.

Described as South Africa’s own “Aussie Circus,” Zip Zap is made up of “ordinary kids doing extraordinary things,” according to Brent Van Rensburg, artistic director of the Zip Zap Circus.

“Zip Zap Circus is a social circus that was founded in Cape Town in 1992 to inspire young people and help build a new culture of peaceful coexistence in South Africa.

“Working with a diverse community of children from all backgrounds, Zip Zap helps kids to ‘dare to dream’ and learn to make those dreams a reality,” he says.

“What makes Zip Zap so special is that it such good entertainment – the artists take you into a dream world as they use movement, acrobatics, juggling and mime to entertain,” says festival director Jenni Honsbein.

The Zip Zap circus group will be performing a new show “Fun Factory” at the opening of the SPAR Kirkwood Wildsfees, and again during the weekend.

The Fun Factory show is a fun-filled show for the whole family.

It is a colourful, exciting and funny performance filled with an abundance of Zip Zap’s legendary energy.

Audience members can look forward to an unparalleled circus experience that’s unlike anything in South Africa.

Shows will take place on Friday at 11am, Saturday at 12pm and on Sunday at 11am.

The 15th annual SPAR Kirkwood Wildsfees takes place from Friday, June 24 to Sunday, June 26.