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Zuma: “ANC comes first”

Zuma: “ANC comes first”

President Jacob Zuma has reaffirmed his previous statement that the interest of the African National Congress (ANC) comes first.

His comments comes after telling members at the party’s provincial elective congress in KwaZulu-Natal two weeks ago, that while he understands the plight of the country, the welfare of the ruling party rates as the top priority.

“South Africa needs a united, strong, cohesive and effective African National Congress. It is in this context that I said the ANC comes first,” Zuma said in a statement.

“I love the ANC. It does not mean I love my country less. But, I know no other life than life in the ANC. It remains the only viable tool in the hands of our people that can be used to achieve their total emancipation”.

He also added the party would renew itself to wipe out “negative tendencies to restore its core values” and that it “must lead South Africa to economic freedom”.

“[The party] must come first to all members so that we can together, build an ANC that can and will continue leading this country effectively and ensure that the dividends of peace and freedom are enjoyed by all, especially the poor,” Zuma said.