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Zuma incorrectly stating Eskom history facts – VF+

Zuma incorrectly stating Eskom history facts – VF+

The Freedom Front Plus (FF+) has accused President Jacob Zuma of deliberately altering facts about Eskom’s history in a “desperate attempt to hide the failure of the ANC as a government”.

During the party's 103rd birthday celebrations in Cape Town two weeks ago, Zuma described the country’s crippling energy crisis as a legacy of Apartheid inherited by the ruling government, and that the power grid was never meant to serve an expanding nation.

In a statement, VF+ Parliamentary Spokesperson for Energy, Adv. Anton Alberts, said that the party had obtained information which proves that Eskom was on track to provide the whole of South Africa with electricity in 1994, but that the encouragement of violent threats by the ANC, disrupted service delivery to non-white communities across the country.

“During 1994, Eskom had a power surplus of 3 000 megawatts which increased to 4 000 megawatts in 1999 when Majuba was supposed to go online,” said Alberts.

“During this stage, most black areas were already equipped with electricity connections but the danger and instability created by ANC-led protest actions, resulted that the final touches to the system could not be completed.”

Alberts also added that in areas where services had been delivered, a culture of no-pay has taken over which has resulted “in what we see today”.

“Add to this, a nest filled of theft and corruption over the last 20 years and it becomes obvious as to who is to blame for Eskom’s problems”.