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Zuma must fire Muthambi - DA

Zuma must fire Muthambi - DA

The Democratic Alliance (DA) has made a second plea for President Jacob Zuma to fire embattled Communications Minister Faith Muthambi, after a war of words broke out between her and ANC National Spokesperson Jackson Mthembu yesterday.

In an entry in Politicsweb, Mthembu stated that Muthambi went against party policy by openly discussing a number of matters raised at the ANC’s National General Council (NGC) over the weekend, about the move to digital television mitigation, and that her branding of the sub-committee chairperson as a lair was “unfortunate”.

“We want to place on record that the issues of digital migration and SABC were discussed extensively by the Commission which resulted in the decisions that were taken. It is unfortunate that Minister Muthambi opted again to speak on ANC decisions un-mandated,” Mthembu said.

Speaking in a statement, DA National Spokesperson, and recently appointed Shadow Minister of Communications Phumzile van Damme, said Muthambi’s defying of her own parties’ rules and being surrounded by controversy since her appointment, should act as an incentive for dismissal.

“Muthambi has been the weakest link for far too long. As a result, the Department of Communications and the SABC has lurched from crisis to crisis,” van Damme said.

“If the ANC is serious about holding Muthambi to account, and steering the Department of Communications and the SABC to calm waters, it will put pressure on President Zuma to fire Muthambi”.