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Zuma needs healing - Ndlozi

Zuma needs healing - Ndlozi

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) National Spokesperson, Mbuyiseni Ndlozi, has described President Jacob Zuma as suffering from a mental sickness, and that is continues blaming of Apartheid as the root of the country’s problems, is a “ridiculous conclusion” made by a leader “with mental impediments”.

His comments comes after Zuma’s Freedom Day celebration speech on Monday in which he stated that South Africans had grown sick of the country’s escalating violence inherited from Apartheid.

Seeming to take a swipe the EFF, Zuma told gathers at the Union Buildings that some politicians continue to defy the laws of Parliament and even disregard the authority of the speaker.

“That is a glaring example of the nature of apartheid culture of violence that is left with us. It’s not just with ordinary people, it’s even in Parliament. We need to be cured. We’re sick,” he said.

Speaking in a statement Ndlozi said that that the deployment of riot police in the Parliament Chamber was only the form of Apartheid present and that “only a sick man can continue to insist that [National Assembly Speaker] Baleka Mbete’s rulings are worth respecting and complying”.

“What resembles apartheid in parliament is not the protest of MP who seek the truth against all odds, but the protection Zuma enjoys where police are called to assault MPs for asking questions,” Ndlozi said.

“Those who are sick in parliament and who need healing are not the ones opposing unjust rulings. The sick and degenerate people in parliament are the ones who are undoing democracy by using parliament to protect a corrupt man whose daily business is to run way from courts.”

He went on to describe Zuma as resembling a patient suffering from the psychological condition, mythomania, and that the only person needing a cure is the president.

“This sickness is what has paralysed him as a leader and there is no medicine that can help him except to be relieved from handling serous responsibilities,” Ndlozi said, adding that former President Thabo Mbeki was far more accomplished than Zuma despite the issues he faced during his tenure.

“On occasions of significant public holidays one could learn a lot from President Mbeki’s addresses about the African continent and the diaspora. The country would learn about the history, cultures and civilisations of the continent and our human connectedness.

“However, with Jacob Zuma we learn nothing. He is like the biblical Methuselah who lived the longest in the Bible, dying at 969 years of age. In all these years of living the only thing the Bible could say about him is that he gave birth to sons and daughters because he had no other important factor about his life for Biblical authors to write about.

“We too shall tell our grandchildren that Zuma lived to be president of South Africa and had many children: nothing more to learn from him,” he said.