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Zuma promises “organised chaos” in Western Cape

By Charl Bosch - Jan 9, 2015
Zuma promises “organised chaos” in Western Cape

President Jacob Zuma has rubbished speculation that the African National Congress (ANC) is in decline, adding that the party “will rule till Jesus comes”.

Speaking to supporters during a mini-rally held at the OR Tambo Hall in Khayelitsha on the Cape flats as part of the party’s 103rd birthday yesterday, Zuma said that ANC will reclaim the Western Cape from the Democratic Alliance (DA) in the forthcoming elections and that “organised chaos” will soon be experienced in the province.

“[The] ANC has policies that solve the problems facing our people. And that’s the reason why the ANC is growing over time,” he said comparing the party to “a fine wine that gets better with age”.

He also warned that individuals threatening to break away from the ANC and establish their own party, will not succeed as “the ancestors have turned their backs on them.”

“When you leave the ANC with anger, I’m telling you, you will feel the cold, it’s cold outside the ANC. It was built by people as an answer to the national challenge,” Independent News quotes Zuma as saying.

“Other parties make a lot of noise. Other parties are dying in front of us and others come with noise. How many parties have failed? The ANC has ancestors and God on its side. When the party was born there were priests. No movement was born in this way. With God on our side, who can defeat us?”

On Monday, ANC Secretary General Gwede Mantashe, criticised the DA for delaying the party’s request to rent the Cape Town Stadium for the festivities, stating that the “Western Cape is still an apartheid province when the DA imposes influx control on us”.

In response to Mantashe’s remark, DA-leader Helen Zille tweeted, “The only difference in WCape, Gwede, is that the ANC, like everyone else, has to abide by the law”.

This was followed by party Chief Whip, John Steenhuisen, tweeting an image of the nine provinces with eight highlighted in red and the Western Cape in blue with various achievements, also in blue, flanking the map, and the wording at the bottom of the image reading, “Maybe the ANC should try govern one of their current provinces better before trying to take the one they don't.”


IMAGE sourced from www.livemint.com