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Zuma’s “ANC first” comments indicative of SA’s current difficulties - Solidarity

Zuma’s “ANC first” comments indicative of SA’s current difficulties - Solidarity

Trade union Solidarity has said South Africa’s current situation reflects President Jacob Zuma’s recent comments that the interest of the ruling African National Congress (ANC) comes before those of the country.

Zuma has received widespread criticism from opposition after telling members at the party’s provincial elective conference in KwaZulu-Natal this past weekend, that while he understands the needs of the country, “I think my organisation, the ANC, comes first”.

“As President of South Africa, President Zuma took an oath to remain true to the Republic of South Africa at all times and to obey and maintain the Constitution and other laws,” Solidarity senior researcher, Eugene Brink, said in a statement on Politicsweb.

“His actions show that he does not put the country’s interests, or the Constitution, before those of his party and in fact blatantly undermines it”.

Brink also stated that a recent survey by CNN found Zuma to be one of the best paid presidents in the world when South Africa’s economy is compared to others, but that South Africans are paying an estimated 27% more on a like-to-like basis, than what Americans are forking out for President Barack Obama.

“The main difference is that the American economy is performing well and is characterised by strong growth and job creation. The South African economy, by contrast, is performing badly with expected growth of less than 2% for 2015 and unemployment that has increased to 25.5% in the third quarter.

“In addition, the rand this year dropped to its lowest level ever against the dollar, job losses are continuing unabated and investors are withdrawing and are staying away. We are definitely not getting value for our money from President Zuma and the ANC,” Brink said, adding that the recent student protests and ongoing socio-political unrests “are symptoms of a president and government’s unrealistic promises to take control”.