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Zuma says he leaves the ANC presidency a happy man

By Afikile Lugunya - Dec 18, 2017
Zuma says he leaves the ANC presidency a happy man

Addressing the media for the last time as African National Congress (ANC) President, Jacob Zuma, said that he was finally leaving his post as a happy man – despite his tenure having been perhaps the party’s most challenging period.

“Being a president is a very difficult position to hold and I am very humble for the opportunity that the ANC has given me,” Zuma told journalists at the NASREC in Johannesburg, where the ANC is holding its 54th National Elective Conference.

“I am happy now to say that I am going out because I think that from my own point of view, I made my contribution.

“I am happy to say now that I am very happy because I think from my own point of view I made my contribution but the time frame given is not enough that you can say that I did everything.”

He added that he did his best and he will leave a happy man – though he acknowledged that it is impossible to do everything over the time frames that are given.

Zuma said that he is happy to have served his time and that the ANC, as a party, plays a big role in South Africa as witnessed by reactions to the media, economy, and the country when big conferences like this one are held.

Big media turnout

According to the ANC spokesperson, Zizi Kodwa, there are over 4 000 media personnel that applied to attend the conference, including local and international journalist, but because of space, only 1000 were accepted.

Zuma added that big conferences like this are good platforms for the ANC to do introspection as it shows that people are interested in the ANC.

“This is a time for the ANC to do introspection and correct mistakes by making good decisions based on what’s best for the people. The ANC lives for South Africans it doesn’t live for itself.

“We all want a good South Africa that makes all South Africans feel good and feel being part of the country, but also benefiting from the riches of the country because our country is rich.

“That is what we need to make clear with everyone. People must share because everybody must be happy; everybody must have roofs on their heads; be able to put food on the table and for those things to happen, we must work together,” he said.

“I am very happy and don’t worry about things because life is life. We walk sometimes without thinking that we can hit a stone, so without realising we feel the pain.”

Zuma added that the important thing is how we react to such pain.

He also thanked the media for all the publicity over the years. Zuma said that at times he was very critical of the media, sometimes felt that they are biased, but he appreciates what the media has been doing over the years and he hopes that they will continue to report on the ANC.