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Zuma thinks he is above the law - Zille

Zuma thinks he is above the law - Zille

Democratic Alliance (DA) leader, Helen Zille, has described President Jacob Zuma as a “deeply flawed man” who values loyalty above the law.

Speaking in Cape Town as part of the party's Power to People Rally yesterday, Zille said that the ruling African National Congress (ANC) under Zuma’s leadership, has betrayed the liberation struggle and has resorted to “capturing institutions of power before they can be taken down in a court of law”.

“Every time a person in charge of an important institution is not loyal enough to Jacob Zuma, he is replaced by someone who will put political loyalty above the law. Step out of line with Jacob Zuma, and you’re gone," said Zille.

“When the focus of government is on shielding the president, no one is focused on serving you, the members of the public. Our president, Jacob Zuma, is a man whose only goal is to stay out of court, using your money, for as long as lawyers can achieve this, using every delaying tactic possible.

She said that the ANC is finding itself in a desperate race where the personal objectives of one man, “has become the party’s objectives”.

“In this race to the bottom, Zuma’s loyal cadres have no choice but to back him. They must hire and fire on his behalf. They must lie and cover up on his behalf. They must pretend, to the whole world, that none of this is wrong. If they don’t, they will be pushed off the gravy train at the next station. That is how it works in the ANC.”

Zille also added that even Zuma’s “praise singers no longer believe him” but continue to applaud, “on command”, each time he mentions that the country has a good story to tell “as they are being watched by people in their own party.”

“What the ANC says often sounds good. What they do is something quite different. And more and more South Africans know the truth. The State of the Nation address will be the same so-called “good story” we’ve been hearing for years now: some carefully selected service delivery stats and a list of impossible promises about big projects in the pipeline.

“We have seen how the ANC has had to resort to using people as “fronts” to buy newspapers and control broadcasting, because the only way they can sell this fiction as a “good story” is by destroying media independence, built up in the struggle for democracy over more than two centuries,” she said, citing the Gupta owned pro-Zuma New Age newspaper and ANN7 television news network, as well as Communications Minister Faith Muthambi’s interference with the Board of the SABC, as examples.

“This is simply another part of the ANC’s race against time. It is determined to beat back the forces of democracy while claiming to champion them,” said Zille, adding that South Africans should spare a thought for those applauding Zuma’s “good story because they have no choice”.