Ashwin Willemse back on box


The former Springbok Ashwin Willemse will soon make his return to the box as presenter of a new rugby programme.

BÔll & Ôll is a new weekly rugby talk show and will be presented by Willemse and the radio and TV presenter JP Keyter. It will be broadcast from Sunday at 18:30 on Openview eExtra and will be rebroadcast on Saturdays on

According to eExtra, there will be frequent guest appearances on the program and the focus will be on the pulse of South African rugby.

Willemse walked off the SuperSport set during a live broadcast in 2018 after an exchange of words with Nick Mallett and Naas Botha.

Willemse stormed off the set after indicating that he would no longer be belittled “by two individuals who played in apartheid, a segregated era”.

In response to the incident, SuperSport adv. Vincent Maleka SC appointed to conduct an independent investigation into the cause of these statements and the reason for Willemse’s outburst. Maleka finally found that there was no “overt racism” on Botha and Mallett’s part.

He also found that there was no subtle racism that could have given rise to Willemse’s behaviour.

At the time, despite this finding, the Human Rights Commission decided to conduct its own investigation into the allegations and in 2019 called on former and current employees and contractors of SuperSport to send submissions to the commission regarding alleged racism at the broadcaster.

However, nothing ultimately came of this investigation after Willemse apparently failed to cooperate.