Assault charge against Scheffler dropped


The complaint against the Scottie Scheffler was withdrawn on Wednesday. The world’s leading golfer was arrested last week shortly before the second round of the PGA Championship in Louisville, Kentucky.

Prosecutor Mike O’Connell said in court that there was insufficient evidence to proceed with the case against the 27-year-old golfer.

Louisville Metro Police officers handcuffed Scheffler when they arrested him Friday morning outside the Valhalla Golf Course. He apparently tried to bypass a traffic jam when the police were busy at the scene of a fatal accident.

The police say Scheffler’s car accelerated and dragged a police officer, Bryan Gillis, along with it. The officer sustained injuries and was treated in a hospital.

Steve Romines, Scheffler’s attorney, denied that Gillis was dragged by the golfer’s vehicle.

Scheffler shared his gratitude that the assault charge against him was dropped on Instagram.

“I want to move on and I hope he (Gillis) does the same. Police officers perform a difficult task and I have high regard for them. It was a lack of communication in a chaotic situation.”