‘Audacious’ attack on police points finger at Cele – DA


Sunday evening’s attack on a police building, when twelve armed men in police uniform raided the premises in Pretoria, is according to the DA just one more reason why the Minister of Police, Bheki Cele, must get his way.

According to Okkie Terblanche, the DA’s spokesperson on police, the incident is an unequivocal demonstration of the failure of effective policing and crime intelligence under Cele’s leadership.

“In this shocking attack, the armed men, disguised in police uniforms, entered a building that housed confiscated goods, drugs and a cache of police weapons.

“It was clear that the attackers’ primary goal was to steal the weapons and drugs so that they could continue their reign of violence on the streets,” says Terblanche.

“This is just another proof of Cele’s inability to manage and supervise a competent police force. Cases like the assault by deputy pres. Paul Mashatile’s blue light brigade, still walking free after fifteen days and despite clear evidence, highlights the scale of the problem.

“This kind of treatment has allowed crime syndicates to infiltrate every aspect of our lives: from coal and mining to Eskom, water tankers, trucks, the construction industry and even the arms mafia.

“This pervasive criminal influence is destroying our economy and undermining our nation.”

Terblanche says the situation has now deteriorated to the point where the ANC in KwaZulu-Natal has chosen negotiation with the so-called construction mafia as a way out.

“It is unthinkable that a government will get involved with economic terrorists. This clearly shows the government’s failure in effective policing, crime intelligence and appropriate budget allocation.”

According to Terblanche, Cele’s disregard for the well-being of South Africans is evident in his prioritization of the ANC and its affiliates – as seen in the continuous increase in GDP protection budgets. This while other important policing areas are suffering.

“The attack on the police building is a symptom of the underlying problem and with an incompetent minister in charge, criminals will only become more daring.

“If we ever hope to save South Africa from its current state as a mafia-controlled state, Pres. (Cyril) Ramaphosa renounced his loyalty to the ANC and immediately removed Bheki Cele from his position.”