Author Schalk Schoombie dies


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Schalk Schoombie, the South African playwright, author, journalist and reviewer, died on Sunday at the age of 66.

Schoombie died in Alberton after a long illness. Condolences have meanwhile begun to pour in for this author who in 2015 published his debut novel, Tree castleshas seen the light.

“I remember his dream was always to ‘movies to make’. Along with his writing talent, he had an incredible insight into visual communication,” writes Joan van Zyl, former colleague at the The Cat-magazine, on the Facebook.

Schoombie was editor of this magazine.

“Schalk’s love for the Lord, his wonderful writing talent and his exceptional humanity will always be a part of Live be his legacy,” said the Live-magazine, for which Schoombie regularly contributed, the editors said on Facebook.

Schoombie’s son, the Southeast– and the tragic case of Pamina Entertainmentactor, Christiaan Schoombie, shared a long, moving letter on Facebook.

“I do not have words. Is it really goodbye? Your absence leaves me lost at sea in a hurricane of grief,” writes Christiaan.

“Who is going to give me advice when I struggle to navigate life’s challenges? How am I going to make it until tomorrow?”

The book critic Jonathan Amid also paid tribute to Schoombie on Facebook.

“You were one of the smartest, razor-sharp and so wise, with so much knowledge and intelligence, but humble, gentle, compassionate with others. Immensely rich in spirit. You were a good friend and colleague and a wonderful mentor to a kindred spirit. Never saying anything bad about others and always full of love.”

Schoombie has previously been awarded a Mondi (1994), an ATKV Media Feather (2009), an Anglogold Ashanti Crucible Prize (2012), and a FAK Award for special cultural achievement. His first detective story, Red herringappeared in 2017.

Schoombie leaves behind his wife, Liza, and his children, Christiaan and Isolde.

  • At the top of the report, listen to Schalk Schoombie’s studio interview in July 2017 with RNews’s Esté Meyer Jansen.