Award-winning Mexican actress (90) dies


Ana Ofelia Murguía, the Mexican actress who voices Mama Coco in the Oscar-winning animated film Coco granted, died at the age of 90.

Murguía played a key role in this Disney Pixar movie, which is about a Mexican boy who discovers family secrets while trying to become a musician.

“With deep sadness we mourn the death of Ana Ofelia Murguía, who as an actress formed part of the core of the National Theater Company of Mexico. Her artistic career was essential to the performing arts,” said the Mexican National Institute of Fine Arts and Letters.

One of Coco ‘s most memorable moments is the scene where Mama Coco and her great-grandson, Miguel, sing the song “Remember Me” together.

Coco takes place during the Mexican Day of the Dead festival, which is held every year in Latin American countries and celebrates the cycle of life and death.

Murguía was born in 1933 in Mexico. During her career, she collected a whole series of Ariel awards, which honor the cream of the Mexican film industry.

She was also honored with a special Golden Ariel award in 2011 for her lifelong contribution to the Mexican arts. She shared this award with writer and director Jorge Fons.

Coco won two Academy Awards in 2018, respectively for best animated film and best original song for “Remember me”.

Additional source: BBC