‘Baby Reindeer’ Wife Sues Netflix For Billions


A Scottish woman who claims the ugly character of the stalker in the Netflix hit series Baby Reindeer was modeled on her, the streaming giant sued for billions on Thursday.

Fiona Harvey has identified herself as the real “Martha”, the insane and violent woman at the center of Richard Gadd’s global TV phenomenon.

According to the first episode, the story of Baby Reindeer based on true events.

Harvey is suing Netflix for, among other things, defamation and intentional emotional distress and negligence and is demanding $170 million (about R3.2 billion).

The case was filed in California, USA. Harvey argues the fact that Baby Reindeer if a true story is presented, it is “the biggest lie in the history of television”.

‚ÄúThis is a lie told by Netflix and the creator of the series, Richard Gadd, out of greed and the desire for fame; a lie designed to attract more viewers, get more attention, make more money and to viciously ruin the life of the complainant, Fiona Harvey.”

In a statement to AFP, Netflix said the streaming service plans to fight the case with opinion and emphasized that it stands firmly behind Gadd’s “right to tell his story”.

Baby Reindeerwhich consists of seven episodes, was released in April this year and quickly became a runaway success.

The series is modeled on Gadd’s one-man show, also a Scotsman, and follows the story of a fictional version of the writer who meets a woman in a bar where he works. Jessica Gunning plays the role of Martha.

What unfolds over the next few episodes is a disturbing, years-long ordeal for Gadd, during which Martha sent him thousands of e-mails, text and voice messages and harassed him, his girlfriend and his family.

Gadd told journalists he changed the details about Martha in an effort to protect her identity, but couch detectives quickly tracked her down and began contacting her on social media.

After her identity was revealed, Harvey appeared on British television and denied harassing Gadd with messages or attacking his girlfriend. Piers Morgan also talked about the allegations against her in an interview with Harvey. This interview has been viewed millions of times on various platforms.

“The lies told about Harvey to more than 50 million people worldwide include that she was twice convicted of stalking and sentenced to five years in prison and that Harvey sexually harassed Gadd,” the court documents state.

“Netflix, a multi-national billion dollar streaming service has done absolutely nothing to confirm the story that Gadd told.”

Harvey told BBC News on Thursday that she was convinced Netflix would lose the case.

“I have no doubt about it. Otherwise we would not have opened the case. We think we’re going to win,” she said.

According to reports, neither Netflix nor Gadd have confirmed that Harvey is indeed the person on whom the character of Martha is modeled.

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Additional sources: AFP, BBC