‘Barbie’ fans see red over Oscar nominations


Pink may have been the color of the year last year, but after Tuesday’s announcement of this year’s Oscar nominations, fans of the Barbie-film just red.

Although this blockbuster, which is about the world’s most famous long-legged doll, received a total of eight nominations, social media is buzzing about the Barbie-actress Margot Robbie and director Greta Gerwig’s exclusion in the awards’ top categories for best actress and best director.

This while America Ferrera, the Latin American actress known for her role in the TV series, Ugly Bettyand Ryan Gosling, who brought Barbie’s boyfriend Ken to life, with Oscar nominations for their respective Barbie-roles boast.

However, Gerwig was nominated as screenwriter for best adapted screenplay, while Robbie was nominated for best film as a producer of the movie.

Two of the movie’s songs, including the hit “I’m just Ken”, were also nominated for best song in a motion picture.

Still, many people shared their displeasure especially on X (formerly Twitter) with the hashtag #Barbiesnub, with many labeling Gosling’s nomination as ironic – especially given the movie’s storyline regarding feminism and women’s rights.

“Maybe in Barbieland she (Barbie) is everything and he’s just Ken. But in the Oscar world, the winner is… patriarchy!” wrote one consumer.

“Supporting characters get an Oscar nod, but the two women who gave life to Barbie get nothing? Something feels off,” said another.

Even Gosling and Ferrera had their say on the Academy’s exclusion of Gerwig and Robbie.

“There is no Ken without Barbie, and there is no Barbie-movie without Greta Gerwig and Margot Robbie. I’m disappointed to say the least,” the actor said in a statement about his nomination.

However, Gosling added that he was “so happy” for Ferrera and the other “incredible artists who contributed their talents to make this such a groundbreaking film.”

For her part, Ferrera said that Robbie “perhaps fooled people into thinking that the work she did for the role was easy.”

“However, Margot is more of a magician than an actress. She brings so much heart and humor and depth and joy and fun to the character. In my book she is a master.”

Other celebrities, including the Full House-actor John Stamos, expressed his support for Robbie and Gerwig on social media.

“This movie not only resonated deeply with people, but also earned more than a billion dollars. Yet, in an ironic twist, both women were rejected by the Academy. Everyone, go watch Barbie again tonight!” wrote Stamos in a post along with a video in which he and his wife recreate a scene from the film.

Others pointed out that the Oscars rarely nominate comedic films, and that success at the box office is not an indicator of success at awards events.

Oppenheimerwhich leads with 13 nominations, is the favorite to take home the top prizes at the 96th Academy Awards on March 10.

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