Barbie fever spills over into barbecue sauce


It would seem that no product is immune to so-called Barbie fever, not even barbecue sauce.

The brand Heinz, known for its tomato sauce, has joined forces with the toy giant Mattel to launch a new, pink barbecue sauce in celebration of the world’s most famous doll’s 65th birthday.

Heinz Classic Barbiecue Sauce is a play on the English barbecue sauce and will be available from Wednesday 17 April for a limited time in the United Kingdom and Spain.

Heinz VK already gave fans a teaser on Instagram in August last year, sharing photos of play-play designs for a possible “Barbiecue” and “Kenchup” (for Barbie’s boyfriend, Ken).

The brands quickly worked to make this dream concoction a reality.

“This partnership with Heinz is another way in which Barbie fans can bring the world of Barbie home. Last summer we quickly worked with Heinz to bring the prospect of a Heinz Classic Barbiecue sauce to life in digital form, so it’s now so exciting to be able to put the physical product in our kitchen cupboards,” said Ruth Henriquez, head of consumer products and publishing of Mattel, said in a statement.

According to Mattel, beet extract is used to give the sauce that signature Barbie pink color. Heinz suggests it is used to “enliven a burger or crisp salad”, both literally and figuratively.

RNews reported earlier that the packaging of the South African Ouma biscuit was also temporarily painted pink last year.

In August 2023, the beloved brand shared a photo on its official Instagram page of the temporary new packaging of its traditional sliced ​​rusk, which featured the words “I look good in pink” in pink letters.

This packaging was also only available for a limited time and caused social media to buzz, especially about the appearance of the “grandmother”.

This elderly woman’s shiny, pink long-sleeved shirt, chunky pearl necklace and red lipstick almost attracted attention and for comments like “Grandma Barbie, how beautiful!” and “Finally, a face to the name!” cared for.

Sources: CBS News, BBC.