Be afraid Julius, we build to stay


Someone asks: should we be afraid of the EFF?

The reds had a big party. 10 years old. They gave 95,000 friends buses, food and a red T-shirt. The FNB Stadium was full. Instead of cupcakes, cows were chopped up and everyone got a piece. The buddies did not drink red soda and one fell to his death.

The main clown walks up. Friends in soldier’s clothes walk around him. The other buddies cheer. 100th balloons are sent into the air. The main clown stands on a lift and rises. The buddies love the trick. He sails up, like a rescuer.

They cheer even more. The clown is also a magician. He is going to make all the problems of the friends go away. They will no longer be hungry, load shedding will disappear and everyone will find jobs.

The main clown can still sing too. The buddies all sing together that other buddies should be killed. They point little guns with their little fingers and make sounds like gunshots.

But the clown descends again and the friends go home again. The stadium is empty and so are the promises. After the big rally there is nothing but more hate.

The Solidarity Movement turned 121 years old this year. We have 570,000 members in the larger Movement. We don’t lift anyone up, but connect the community together. We do not make promises, but build realities.

The outcome is Solidarity which protects work, AfriForum which provides municipal services and establishes safety structures throughout the country. Sol-Tech’s magnificent campus, a world-class university Akademia, Bo-Karoo Training and the Solidarity Helping Hand Training Institute. It is the Helping Hand Study Trust that paid out R50 million this year. It is Solidarity Helping Hand that develops communities with 120 shops.

This is the Solidarity School Support Center which helps schools to remain excellent and makes plans for new Afrikaans schools. It is RNews with more than 2 million unique readers, AfriForumTV and the FAK which protects and develops culture and manages the Voortrekker Monument. It’s the Orania Development Company that helps build a city. It is an investment company, a legal fund, a building fund, a financial services company, a real estate company and more. It’s a network of self-help institutions.

It’s much bigger than the reds’ party with the main clown coming down again.

So Julius, while you shout and make noise we say: we will ourselves!

So be afraid Julius, we are not going anywhere. We build to last!