Be bold in your calling


Ever since I was a young girl, I have wondered about what my vocation is and what will be the vocation that I can live out one day. For a long time I thought it was to be creative through the arts, but today I find myself at an institution where every day I can serve others through my gifts by living out my vocation.

“But each one must walk just as God has assigned it to him, as the Lord has called each one” – 1 Corinthians 7:17.

Today I know and firmly believe that God creates life, God creates vocation. He lets us enter this life, each with a specific purpose. Everything happens according to God’s plan. Even if it sometimes seems as if you yourself determine your own vocation, it is God who created it for you the day you were born. It is also God who gives us the gifts to live out our calling.

“Therefore, brothers, you must strive all the more to confirm your calling and election; for if you do, you will never stumble.” – 2 Peter 1:10

This is not only beautiful to me, but also what I live by. How wonderful it is to know that God not only created us, but created us with a calling – and if we stick to it, we will not stumble.

It’s simple then – stick to your calling, live for God and be prosperous. One would think it is simple, but it is actually not that easy. There are things in the world that also prevent us from living out our calling on a daily basis, obstacles and adversity. But with this said, you never really lose the reason why God called you. In many cases it makes your vocation even stronger.

Vocation is now one word that I have never heard so much in my life as I have in the last 10 years of my service within the Solidarity Movement. I think it’s because it’s so obvious to us, when you work here you know what you have to do. That is why it also forms part of the five values ​​that Helping Hand has also chosen.

Just like John the Baptist, we also know what we have to do, what our calling is, and we trust in Our Father to show us the way.

With a leather belt around his hips and dressed in camel hair, he fully understood what his calling was. Even before his birth, the angel announces that he will prepare a people for the Lord. He was the one who had to prepare the way for the Lord and he knew it.

One would then also be able to say that it is easier for people who already know what their vocation is. But have you ever really sat down with the gifts that God has given you, placed them again at His feet and asked: “Lord show me how I can live deeper and wider in God, help me to live out what You want me to do posted here”? Have you ever really listened to what the Lord is saying to you?

A community without vocation is extremely dangerous. It becomes dangerous when people do not live the purpose for which God has called them. It becomes chaotic if things do not happen according to the Lord’s order. And I am sure we would rather live our calling than have a chaotic society. It becomes dangerous when we turn away or ignore what God created as our reason for existence. The Lord also foresees a future where He calls us. The more we do what we have to do, the more certain we become of our future promise.

At Solidarity Helping Hand we know that our commitment to our work is more than just a job; it is a calling. In 2024, we will recognize our sense of calling to ensure that every task we undertake contributes to a greater purpose. Our work should be an expression of our passion and commitment.

As a community of believers, we must be brave in our calling. Stand proud, because this is what God has given you to grow and work with. A value such as vocation, just like any other value, has a Christian nature and a worldly nature. Vocation is good, grows and develops when you live it as God has called you, but when it is done for worldly things it goes awry.

We must remember that our only true calling is to be God’s children. When you apply this in your life here on earth and keep yourself busy with it, you also put on a leather belt and camel’s hair for yourself – and you also keep yourself busy with the right things like John the Baptist.

Are you ready to live your calling?