Beloved Karen Kingsbury series comes to small box


Fans of American Christian author Karen Kingsbury will soon want to jump to download the Amazon Prime streaming service.

A new series based on Kingsbury’s beloved best-selling novel series about the Baxter family will be available on Amazon Prime from March 28.

The series, simply titled The Baxtersis based on the Redemption-book series and follows the couple Elizabeth and John Baxter and the intrigues and challenges of their five grown children.

Variety reports that the first season will consist of 10 episodes and will specifically revolve around the struggles that the family’s oldest daughter, Kari, faces after it is revealed that her husband had an extramarital affair.

Roma Downey from Touched by an Angel-fame, will play the matriarch Elizabeth, while Ted McGinley, known for his role as Jefferson D’Arcy in Married with Childrenwill step into John Baxter’s shoes.

Downey is also a producer of the series.

Other cast members include Masey McLain, Josh Plasse, Cassidy Gifford, Reilly Anspaugh, Emily Peterson and Brandon Hirsch.

“When I first started writing the Baxter book series about twenty years ago, I remember my father saying to me, ‘Karen, this is a series of hope. Everyone should read these books and it should become a TV series’.

“I just laughed at him and hugged him because he was my biggest supporter. Little did I know how prophetic his words would be. Only God could have orchestrated this moment for the incredible Roma Downey to star as my Elizabeth Baxter,” Kingsbury wrote in an Instagram post about the series.

“My father died too soon in 2007, but I believe that there is a window in Heaven and that he sits and watches from up there.”

Since 2002, she has penned more than 25 books about the Baxter characters, including the Redemption‑, Firstborn‑ and Sunrise-series. Separate books about the Flanigan family later also flowed from this series.

Watch the trailer for The Baxters here:

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