Better load shedding outlook


Load power is expected to be introduced at a lower phase this weekend thanks to lower demand for electricity.

Eskom said on Friday afternoon that phase 3 load shedding will be in effect from 16:00 until Saturday at 05:00, after which phase 1 will be introduced for the rest of the day until phase 3 kicks in again from 16:00.

“This pattern will be repeated daily until further notice,” says the power supplier.

A total of 15,901 MW of capacity is currently unavailable, while 4,014 MW is allocated to planned maintenance work.

Over the past 24 hours, a generating unit at the Camden power station has been brought back online.

However, the power supplier says that at the same time a generating unit at the Matla power station and two more at the Camden and Kriel power plant were taken off line for maintenance work.

A generating unit at Kendal Power Station and two more at Tutuka have not yet been brought back online, and at this stage this is causing capacity challenges.

Eskom said its crews are working non-stop to bring all these generating units back online.