Beurtkrag phase 1,3 set until Sunday


Phase 3 load shedding will come into effect today (Thursday) at 4pm and will last until midnight.

Phase 1 will then be introduced on Friday from 05:00 to 16:00, after which it will again be increased to phase 3 until midnight. The same schedule is followed on Saturday.

Load capacity will be suspended for most of the day on Sunday. However, Phase 3 load shedding kicks in again on Sunday at 16:00.

Eskom says there are currently more breakdowns, resulting in a capacity deficit of 15,100 MW.

A total of 5,252 MW is dedicated to planned maintenance work.

Meanwhile, a generating unit at the Matimba power station has also been switched off to carry out repairs.

Delays in the repair of two generating units at the Tutuka power station are also contributing to capacity problems.