Biden is asking Congress for a $106 billion national security package


The American President, Joe Biden, requested on Friday that the American Congress urgently approve a massive national security package of almost $106 billion that will provide military aid to Israel and Ukraine.

The White House says this additional funding will ensure necessary security assistance to Israel, support Israeli efforts for the release of hostages and provide humanitarian aid to civilians affected by the war in Israel and Gaza.

It will also provide Ukraine with critical training, equipment and weapons, according to the White House, and help the country defend and recapture its sovereign territory.

“The world is watching and the American people rightly expect that their leaders will come together and fulfill these priorities,” said Shalanda Young, director of the White House’s Office of Management and Budget, in a letter to Congress.

“I call on Congress to address them as part of a comprehensive bipartisan agreement in the weeks ahead.”

Biden’s request for additional funding comes shortly after he drew a direct link Thursday night between the Palestinian militant group Hamas’ attack on Israel and Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine to convince Americans that the US must show global leadership. .

The Democrat argued in an impassioned speech that the large sums involved – a total of $105.85 billion, including $61 billion in military aid to Ukraine and $14 billion to Israel – will ensure American interests for future generations.

The package also includes $7 billion for the fight against China and strengthening allies in the Asia-Pacific region, and more than $9 billion for humanitarian aid to Gaza, Ukraine and Israel.

Biden believes the additional funding is “a smart investment that will yield dividends for American security for generations to come”.