Big mistake at Rand Water, says mayor


Cilliers Brink, mayor of Tshwane, says the repeated water interruptions in the city are an indication that there is a big mistake at Rand Water.

The city has been experiencing monthly water cuts since December last year, sometimes without any prior notice or other times at very short notice by Rand Water.

Rand Water supplies about 70% of Tshwane’s water.

“Rand Water blames load shedding, cable theft or vandalism for the interruptions. We understand this, but indications are that there is a very big mistake at Rand Water,” says Brink.

“This is based on the fact that Rand Water ignores the city when we try to get information about their water levels and requests that they notify us in advance of maintenance issues.”

Brink wrote to the chairman of Rand Water about the issue and also addressed the same letter to the minister of water and sanitation.

“We would like Tshwane’s residents to know about the issue, because it will happen more and more in the future.”

According to Brink, the water interruptions are not due to the city’s outstanding water bill.

“The interruptions that are taking place now and since December are not and cannot be due to the outstanding debt.”

The city is in discussion with Rand Water about its debt and its settlement.

“The problems we are facing now are operational issues at Rand Water and this is what my team and I will deal with in the weeks ahead.”