Blitzbokk wins, but almost swings a wooden spoon


The Blitzbokke beat Canada in their final game of the Los Angeles sevens tournament 28–15.

Zain Davids twice fooled the Canadian defence, while Ryan Oosthuizen and Tristan Leyds also scored tries.

But before you want to call the string orchestra to celebrate this victory, let’s be honest: The match was a battle for 11th place.

So, to quickly put things into perspective – South Africa fell from cup winners in Dubai to second worst in Los Angeles.

The team is currently seventh in the official HSBC standings after collecting just two league points.

Women lose to USA and France, but make a breakthrough

Then the South African women’s team admittedly lost the quarter-final encounter with the USA, but the players still deserve a pat on the back for their performance in the run-up to the showdown.

South Africa settled with Fiji and Brazil, among others, before things unraveled against the Americans and later France.

The quarterfinal score was 24–5 in the USA’s favor, while they were routed 53–0 by France in the fifth-place playoff.

However, the South Africans gained ten points in Los Angeles and they currently occupy tenth place in the official ranking.

They undoubtedly have the will to win, but a little extra speed certainly won’t hurt.

  • HSBC Ranking:


  1. Argentina: 90 points
  2. Ireland: 70 points
  3. Fiji: 64 points
  4. France: 56 points
  5. Australia: 55 points
  6. New Zealand: 53 points
  7. South Africa: 48 points
  8. USA: 36 points
  9. Great Britain: 35 points
  10. Spain: 27 points
  11. Samoa: 24 points
  12. Canada: 12 points


  1. Australia: 90 points
  2. New Zealand: 86 points
  3. France: 74 points
  4. USA: 64 points
  5. Canada: 62 points
  6. Ireland: 48 points
  7. Fiji: 42 points
  8. Great Britain: 29 points
  9. Brazil: 28 points
  10. South Africa: 18 points
  11. Japan: 16 points
  12. Spain: 13 points