Blitzbokke want to perform in Perth


The Blitzbokke are ready to make up for the disappointment of their home tournament in Cape Town with a good performance in Perth.

The South Africans face Canada and Spain on Friday, while they can expect a tough test in their final group game against Argentina on Saturday.

After all, the South Americans walked away with the Cape Town laurels after the Blitzbokke fell ugly from the bus.

According to Selvyn Davids, the busy sevens calendar offers the players a unique opportunity to see the world, but they are by no means on holiday in Perth.

“We are here to achieve a goal and display our skills to the best of our ability on the field,” said the Blitzbok captain.

Davids believes that the preparatory work is now a thing of the past; it is time for the players to take responsibility for their play between the four lines.

“The coaches did their part and gave us the necessary foundation for success. Now the onus is on our players to do what is expected of us. If we manage to do that, we will be within striking distance of the podium.”

Blitzboks: Ryan Oosthuizen, Zain Davids, James Murphy, Masande Mtshali, David Brits, Katlego Letebele, Ronald Brown, Selvyn Davids (captain), Ricardo Duarttee, Tristan Leyds, Shilton van Wyk, Quewin Nortjé and Donovan Don.

Perth Terms:


06:44: South Africa vs Canada

12:22: South Africa v Spain


06:38: South Africa vs Argentina.

HSBC Ranking:

  1. Argentina: 38 points
  2. South Africa: 30 points
  3. Fiji: 30 points
  4. New Zealand: 28 points
  5. Ireland: 26 points
  6. Australia: 26 points
  7. Samoa: 11 points
  8. France: 10 points
  9. Canada: 9 points
  10. USA: 8 points
  11. Great Britain: 7 points
  12. Spain: 5 points