‘Blue light bullies’ must be punished


The police officers who were allegedly involved in the recent assault incident on the N1 in Johannesburg should be summarily arrested and locked up, the DA said on Tuesday in response to the incident.

A video of where the officers involved, all believed to be members of the VIP protection services unit, drag and kick three motorists on this highway has spread like wildfire on social media and has already drawn sharp criticism.

Brig. Athlenda Mathe, police spokesperson, confirmed earlier that the officers in the video have already been identified.

Andrew Whitfield, the DA’s spokesperson on police, says that the actions of these “blue light bullies” simply cannot be swept under the rug and that the incident also creates serious concern about the behavior of those who are supposed to maintain law and order.

“This lawlessness and violence against innocent South Africans cannot be tolerated. The Minister of Police (Bheki Cele) has the responsibility to have the culprits arrested and locked up immediately.

“It is extremely important that a comprehensive investigation is carried out into the circumstances that led to the incident and that those who were involved are held accountable,” says Whitfield, who has also already referred the incident to the independent police investigation directorate (Opod). has.

He says South Africa deserves a police service that is professional and responsible, and committed to the safety of all citizens.

Ian Cameron, director of community safety at Action Society, says the incident is a “shouting shame” and a slap in the face to good police officers who are trying to do their job.

“A very dangerous precedent is now being created here. However, this is not a new thing. It was just caught on camera.

“These kinds of incidents happen often and we have all experienced them in one way or another.”

Cameron says the incident further points to a number of problems in the police, but also in the government.

He believes the police have become an “iron fist for the ANC”, who follow and uphold their own set of rules and laws.

“They think they are superior to others and simply do what they want. This is the behavior of criminals, not police officers.”

Furthermore, the incident also indicates the complete breakdown of a disciplinary system in the police, says Cameron.

He believes that the police’s response to the incident is not nearly strict enough and that they are instead trying to mitigate it while actual action must be taken.

“The police must act much stronger. I also do not understand why the officers involved have not yet been located. They have already been identified, so why are the police struggling? They should have been arrested a long time ago.

“I’m really, really worried. There are big danger signs here.”