‘Blue light bullies’ still behind bars tonight


The eight members of the police’s VIP Protection Services Unit who are accused of assaulting three members of the army on the N1 highway in Johannesburg weeks ago will be formally charged on Sunday and appear in court on Monday.

The Independent Investigation Directorate (Opod) says the eight suspended police officers have been told to report to the Sandton police station on Sunday where they are expected to be handcuffed and formally charged.

Among other things, the police officers’ fingerprints will be taken today.

Robbie Raburabu, spokesperson for Opod, says the eight suspended police officers will be detained overnight at the police station in Sandton before they will appear in the magistrate’s court in Randburg on Monday.

A storm erupted at the beginning of this month after a video of the alleged assault by the police – all members of deputy pres. Paul Mashatile’s presidential protection unit – has seen the light on social media.

It can be seen in the video of the incident how officers from the police’s VIP protection services pluck three occupants from a Volkswagen Polo along the highway before these men are repeatedly kicked. The police officers then jump back into their BMWs and drive away.

The police officers have since been suspended for their alleged role in the incident.