Bok women’s team book place for World Cup


The Springbok women’s team is on its way to next year’s World Cup rugby tournament in England after qualifying for this tournament last weekend.

The South Africans beat Madagascar 46 – 17 at the Stade Maki stadium in Antananarivo to retain their title as African champions.

This victory means that the team’s record of victories in this stadium now stands at six.

The Boks overcame Cameroon 55-0 in their first match of the Africa Cup and then defeated Kenya 63-5.

Louis Koen, head coach of the Bok women’s team, is delighted with the victory and gives all credit to the players.

“It is difficult to play three games in ten days and kudos to the players who executed the game plan well. We played really well in the first half to lay the foundation for the win,” said the coach.

The opponents visited under the posts three times, but it was admittedly not enough to stop a formidable Boxing team.

“We can definitely learn from these spectators how to support women’s rugby; the fans were really fantastic.”

Koen says their opponents’ unconventional approach could easily have worked, but the Bok women’s team stuck to their game pattern.

“They really play a different style of rugby, but we shut them out in that first half and laid a proper foundation for the victory,” says Koen, who took charge of the team just over a year ago.

He believes the future of women’s rugby in South Africa is bright.

“We have a large number of regular players who are not at this tournament and recognition must be given to the less experienced players who played here in Madagascar and made sure we go to England next year.

“Qualifying for the Rugby World Cup is a big boost for all involved and I can only thank the stakeholders, players and management who walked this journey together. The game can only grow and improve from here.”

Nolusindiso Booi, the Bok captain, says the team runs out onto the field to inspire girls or women to pick up a rugby ball.

“I believe this victory and qualification for the World Cup will mean so much to those who help grow the game.

“We are on the big stage and belong there, so the next steps are important. We have laid the foundation for the next phase and it is exciting to be a part of it. Praise to the players, but just as much praise must also go to the coaches who prepared us so well for this.”

The Bok women’s team arrives in South Africa on Monday after which the players return to their respective provinces for the women’s premier league which is currently underway.