Bolt driver sentenced after string of rapes


Emmanuel Mudau (30), an e-taxi driver, was given two life sentences plus 60 years in the Johannesburg High Court on four charges of rape, four of kidnapping and two of assault with intent to seriously injure.

Mudau was a registered driver with Bolt and between January and February 2022 he targeted women who wanted to travel from Cosmo City to various destinations. They booked their driving opportunities with the Bolt app.

“The four complainants testified that once they got into the car, Mudau refused to take them to their destinations. He drove them to remote areas where he told them to take off their clothes and raped them,” says Phindi Mjonondwane, spokesperson for the National Prosecuting Authority.

Two of the complainants wanted to run away, but one was attacked with a sharp object and the other was strangled until they agreed to his demands.

One of the complainants, in aggravating sentencing, painted the gruesome picture of how trauma and fear became part of her life. She believes she will have to live with it for the rest of her life.

“State attorney Coleen Ryan argued that the court should not deviate from its prescribed sentences and said that these women will live in fear for the rest of their lives.”

Mjonondwane says she is thinking of the complainants and their families. “They went through immeasurable pain. We hope, however, that they will find relief that their perpetrator has been removed from society.”

The NPA praises the dedication of adv. Ryan and the investigating officer Sgt. Mokwai for their efforts to ensure a successful prosecution.