Brazil recalls ambassador to Israel


Brazil has recalled its ambassador to Israel, a move that further escalated tensions between the two countries over Israel’s war in Gaza.

The nearly eight-month-long conflict soured Israel’s diplomatic ties with several countries, including Brazil, whose pres. Luiz InĂ¡cio Lula da Silva accused this country’s government of genocide in February.

Israel reacted angrily and declared the Brazilian leader persona non grata.

Israel previously summoned this South American country’s ambassador, Frederico Meyer, for a meeting during which he was publicly reprimanded, without a translator present, a Brazilian source said.

The “humiliation” to which Meyer was subjected contributed to the decision to recall him, the source said.

The conditions under which Meyer would be sent back to Israel have not been met and there are no immediate plans to replace him.

Meanwhile, Lula named Meyer as Brazil’s representative at the committee on disarmament at the United Nations and Brazil will now be represented in Israel by the diplomat Fabio Farias.

Israel’s Department of Foreign Affairs said in a statement that it had not yet received an “official notification on the issue”.

Farias is expected to be called in today (Thursday) to give feedback to Israel.

There is growing opposition to the ongoing war worldwide, especially in light of attacks in Rafah, the city in Gaza where the latest fighting is taking place. On Tuesday, Norway, Spain and Ireland officially recognized the Palestinian State and broke away from the position of Western countries that a Palestinian state can only arise from a negotiated peace agreement with Israel.

Israel described the move as a “reward” for the terrorist group Hamas, whose 7 October attacks gave rise to the conflict.