‘Breakfast matters’ Charlene comfortably back in front of the camera


Shortly after Breakfast matters welcomed Charlene Lackay née Truter as a new presenter, this ever-popular kykNET program also introduced a fresh brand and program format.

Charlene, a well-known figure in South African news and media circles, regards this confluence of events as the perfect timing.

Breakfast matters has been on the box for years with good reason. I think it’s the combination of entertainment, useful information, the access it provides to affordable, quality small business marketing, and the lifestyle focus of the show. All these ‘good’ things are only emphasized more with the new jacket,” she tells RNews.

Her favorite addition to the new Breakfast matters-offer, is the segment that focuses on women-owned businesses. “I think the exposure it’s going to give to women’s businesses is fantastic. The inspiration it can provide for prospective businesswomen is also something to look forward to.”

This mother of two’s youngest son also eagerly let it be known that the new tip from co-presenter Leon Gropp’s pen is a hit. “My youngest said with the first broadcast that she really liked the tip and hummed it for the rest of the morning. Leon will be happy to hear that he has created a real earworm.”

Speaking of family, it’s important for Charlene to also relax and spend time with her loved ones. Outside of working hours, she also likes to keep herself busy with creative projects.

“Sometimes I draw. I love adult coloring books – I think I have about 800 gel pens in my cupboard for them. When I draw, the children help their father cook, or sometimes we build our own board games together.”

Charlene’s media career spans wide: It started as a journalist at SARYshe was later sub-editor at The citizen in Cape Town, and she also worked as a freelance writer and translator for various publications.

As a field presenter on the SABC news programme, Passellashe traveled the country from 2003 and after the birth of her first child in 2013, Charlene with a short radio program on RSG, Goof time, start She later also read news and became part of the RSG team on a Sunday morning.

After a few years behind the microphone, Charlene is now returning to the cameras and a television environment.

“Radio is obviously different from TV, but there are things that remain the same. It is also a broadcast, you create a connection with people through a medium and it still requires keeping your head and thinking on your feet because it is so unpredictable.

“So no, it wasn’t difficult to make the move, and Breakfast matters has the best team of people to join. Everyone is incredibly supportive, and that makes all the difference.”

Brand new jacket for ‘Breakfast Matters’

“It’s the same winning recipe and team, but with a fresh new look and feel,” says the team from Breakfast matters, which launched the new brand and program format in June. The show already celebrated its 1,000th episode in 2021.

The popular morning program on kykNET and kykNET&kie focuses on giving small and medium businesses television exposure.

That’s why Breakfast matters for the past 23 years on Saturdays an indispensable part of people right across the corners of South Africa and Namibia’s morning routine.

The anchor presenter, Dawie Roodt, has been part of the team for more than 20 years. “The show has developed and improved a lot over the years since those first episodes.

“You try different things, and see what works, but the core still remains the same,” he says.

The director, Melinda Meyer, has also been part of from the beginning Breakfast matters.

I am immensely proud of how far the program has come and look forward to the new phase of Breakfast matters. It’s still current, interesting and alive; all we did was give an old loved one a brand new jacket.”

At the end of 2021, the founder of the Breakfast matters-winning recipe, Johann Joubert, retired and these days the program is part of The B4i Project’s subsidiary, B4i Productions, with Louis McLaren as executive producer.

“For any program to remain relevant after 23 years, renewal must take place. Breakfast matters has been under new ownership for almost two years and we already undertook to breakfast items-entertaining viewers with fresh content,” says Louis.

“We go out of our way to market businesses more strongly on the program. Along with this, we also want to create new business opportunities on our various platforms which include, among other things, a brand new website and a larger footprint on social media.”

Viewers should not worry that there are too many changes, says the team.

“The existing is being built on Breakfast matters-winning recipe with the same winning team in front of and behind the cameras.”

The logo has been changed to focus more on business, which then includes different segments such as lifestyle BUSINESS, women’S BUSINESS, economic BUSINESS, financial BUSINESS and much more.

The team is particularly excited to welcome a new weatherSAKE and agriculturalSAKE presenter, meteorologist Anika de Beer, as part of the team. She is not only responsible for the weekly weather MATTERS with modern weather animation, but will also handle agricultural MATTERS discussions.

There will also be in-depth panel discussions regarding BUSINESS focus with experts from the business world and entrepreneurial industry who will discuss trends and give advice.

According to Louis, there are also quite a few nice surprises waiting for you this year Breakfast matters will offer opportunities to customers and viewers such as a rugby trip to France, the Oppipanne music festival in Botswana and much more.

The new logo and opening of the program was designed by The Oaks Collective and although there is still inspiration from the previous logo, this one is a new, modern version with a sunrise and a cappuccino where the different segments of the program in the foam will be indicated. The new tip was written by Leon Gropp and Jattie de Beer.

“kykNET is proud of the Breakfast matters-team which after all these years still manages to bring viewers up to date on matters on Saturday mornings in a wonderfully comfortable way, have a good time together, indulge in something and end the week on a positive note,” says Waldimar Pelser, M-Net Director: Premium Channels.

“We are very excited about the fresh new identity and we believe it will appeal to both loyal and new viewers.”

Viewers should move along with the program and be excited about the renewal, says Louis.

“However, they must also know that Breakfast matters still remains a comfortable social program with favorite segments such as Dawie Roodt’s economic SAKE, Corli Prinsloo’s smulSAKE, news SAKE with Pieter du Toit and also the weekly social SAKE with a famous studio guest.”

Breakfast matters can be seen on Saturdays at 07:30 on kykNET (DStv channel 144) and at 08:30 on kykNET&kie (DStv channel 145).