‘Breaking no rules’ as police helicopter drops member off at home


The South African Police Service (SAPS) was forced to provide an explanation after a video in which a police officer is being dropped off by a police helicopter near her home on the East Rand, saw the light of day on social media this week.

Col. Athlenda Mathe, national spokesperson, says the police are aware of the video in which a female police officer is dropped off by a police helicopter near her home in Dawn Park in Boksburg.

However, Mathe insists that no rules were broken during the incident.

She says the police officer in the video is an air law enforcement officer attached to the Johannesburg air wing.

“At the time of the incident, the crew had just carried out a search and rescue operation for a missing person and also paid attention to a lorry that overturned on the N17.

According to Mathe, the officer in the video started to feel bad at the time of the operation and an emergency takedown was done after the operation.

The video on social media was met with great suspicion this week.

“No aviation rules were violated,” Mathe stressed. “Social media users are requested to report responsibly on the matter.”