Breed laws must stop now. Calming action must be temporary and skills must be taken into account.


On Monday, Solidarity launched its next steps to fight the government’s race laws at the highest level at the United Nations. Here is dr. Dirk Hermann, managing director of Solidarity, speech during the launch event.

Racial laws must stop, and the time is now.

Eskom’s lights are off.

Transnet’s trains stop.

Potholes become sinkholes and sewage flows down the streets.

Ministers become criminals and politicians looters.

How did we get here?

When a country focuses on what people’s skin color looks like rather than on what they do, then it ends up with a government that pretends to be “right”, but does nothing.

Let’s face it, race laws caused all of this.

It’s time it was said.

The answer is clear: Race laws must stop. The time is now.

White skilled employees were fired because of their skin color. There was no time for institutional knowledge and skill transfer, because the company has to look “right”.

All this stuff is done under the banner of nice words like correction, equality, diversity and transformation.

The outcome is inequality, looting, self-enrichment and the destruction of a public service.

The country is on the precipice. There is no more room for clinging to race. It’s time for the best – black, brown, Indian or white. We can’t afford anything else. The color of the hands that pull us back from this abyss does not matter. Race laws must stop. The time is now.

Now that the racial nationalists have destroyed the civil service, they are coming for the private sector. Crazy race quotas are set with enormous penalties if your business doesn’t look “right”.

Almost 500,000 white, colored and Indian employees must wave to appease the racial monster.

People cannot live and work where they want – in the name of diversity, every province, city, town and company must look exactly the same.

Fortunately, these crazy race plans were temporarily stopped by the power of the community, but they will come again. Race laws must stop. The time is now.

BEE (known in English as BEE) has changed to ‘Black Elite Enrichment’. The elite ‘black Africans’ want more and they take it from the poor – white, brown, Indian and black. The country is angry. Finally, the black elite loot under the guise of “broad economic empowerment” and drink expensive champagne in their blue light brigades while pregnant women lie on the floors of state hospitals trying to care for their babies in cardboard boxes.

Race laws must stop. The time is now.

Sports teams at school must first look “right” before they can participate in games. Teams are literally kicked out of matches if they are too white or too black – regardless of the score. Needy students’ color determines whether they get scholarships. It ends with black students stopping white students from entering Tukkies, because South Africa is now ‘blacks only’.

Why is it wrong to stop white students at the gate, when parliament proclaims law after law that stops white people in all other areas?

Race laws must stop. The time is now.

The racial nationalists changed welfare to “skin care”, with the color of your skin determining whether you receive help. The government only helps young, black unemployed people with their youth programs – young, white unemployed people are on their own. During the Covid-19 pandemic, you and your business had to be black to receive help. Although the disease did not recognize skin color, the government still did. Race laws must stop. The time is now.

Solidarity lodged a complaint with the United Nations (UN) International Labor Organization to put a stop to this madness. South Africa is by far the most racially regulated country in the world. All our government looks at is your skin color.

The racial nationalists violate all international standards, therefore the UN begins a trial process. First, the UN checks whether it is possible to mediate an agreement locally.

Thirty organizations deliberate and decide together that South Africa should be a place where your skin color should matter less than what you do. Court cases begin and pressure on the government becomes unbearably great.

Due to this pressure, Solidarity was able to reach an agreement with the government, resulting from the UN complaint.

No one may be fired on the basis of their race.

Race should no longer be the only factor.

Calming action must be temporary and skills must be taken into account.

The country is starting to move to a place where what you can do is taken into account rather than your skin color.

Although this is a major breakthrough, the war against racial laws is not yet over.

Now we go further. Solidarity will file another complaint with the UN. We fight on and harder. The UN and Solidarity’s agreement with the government says race laws must be temporary. We want to see the end now. It is time.

At the end of November, South Africa and Solidarity will appear before the UN again. Solidarity takes their previous success even further. This time we ask clearly: Racial laws must stop. The time is now.

As with the previous win, we must once again show the UN that Solidarity has local support. Not a little, a lot. Hundreds of thousands of people. Hundreds of thousands who are tired of the state in which the country is currently. Hundreds of thousands of people who believe that what you do is more important than the color of your skin. Hundreds of thousands of people who say together: Racial laws must stop. The time is now.

We dare not stop fighting until all race laws stop. The time is now.